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Frequently Asked Questions

All the information about your printed banners

How long will my banners take to arrive?

All orders are processed next day and are despatched within 48 hours. So please allow five working days from placing your order until you receive it. If you require your banner(s) in a shorter time, or if you have placed an order but have still not received it, please Contact Us

Can I collect my banner(s) from you?

Yes, of course! If you place your order today, you will be able to collect it the next day. If you need it sooner, please call us on 07746 977814 and we’ll try to prioritise the printing.

We are based in Poole in Dorset but please Contact Us beforehand as the office is not open at weekends.

Can someone else collect my order?

Yes, as long as they can supply the correct order information, this is not a problem.

What time will my banners be delivered?

We cannot guarantee a specific time – ‘Next day’ delivery is between 9.00am and 6.00pm. Please bear this in mind when ordering your banners as you don’t want them being delivered after your planned event!

What if I notice something wrong after I have placed my order?

Don’t worry, if you Contact Us as soon as the order is placed we can still catch it and make any changes!

Generally all orders are printed the following day so as long as you contact us the same day as you placed the order, we can rectify your mistake.

Unfortunately, we cannot make any amendments once the banner(s) have been printed; if the production process has started we are unable to offer a refund. We must also inform you that we do not proof-read banners for spelling mistakes/typos.

How do I hang my banner(s)?

We advise using Blu-Tack to hang your banners as they can then be easily removed and stored as momentoes of your day.  You can also use drawing pins or self adhesive tape but these could damage both your banners and your walls!

What size should my image(s) be?

Because your images are going to be printed quite large please provide as large an image as you have available. Even though we can enlarge most images, if your image is too small, the resulting print can be blurry or ‘pixellated’.

As a rule of thumb, your image should have a resolution of 240dpi and an actual size of around 30cm x 30cm. The best way to tell if your image is of high enough quality is to zoom in on it on your computer, tablet or mobile; if it becomes ‘fuzzy’ before you have zoomed in too far, it’s likely that the resolution is too low. If you are selecting photos from your phone, always choose the highest resolution option (normally marked as ‘Original’). 

We can accept a wide range of formats: JPEG, TIFF, EPS, PNG, PDF, BMP, GIF, PSD.

We check every order we receive and if we believe that your images are not of a good enough quality, we will contact you via the details you provide when ordering.


I’ve changed my mind. Can I return my banner?

We cannot accept returns of banners. They are put through a stringent quality control procedure. If the banner you have received has been damaged in transit, please inform us within 48 hours of purchase and we will organise a replacement.

Do you provide refunds?

We believe that we have a stringent quality control system and always aim to provide high quality banners that you will be pleased with. However, we accept that sometimes things go wrong and we will provide a full refund in instances where the banners have been delivered faulty, damaged, wrongly supplied or have arrived after an event.

We will only provide refunds where we are notified of any faults or damage within 48 hours of delivery. Please Contact Us with details of the issue; please take photographs of any damage as proof. 

We track all of our deliveries and so can access all delivery times for accuracy. If your delivery is delivered after the specified time we will again provide a full refund.

What is if my question isn’t answered here?

We’re constantly updating our FAQs to ensure that we cover all your queries but if you have any questions not covered here, please Contact Us.

Choose the size that’s right for you

The Banner Centre produces three sizes of bespoke printed banners.

Sizes are approximateInches (w x h)cm (w x h)
Standard Wall Banner40" x 8"101cm x 20cm
Large Wall Banner63" x 13"160cm x 33cm
Door Banner23" x 36"58cm x 91cm
Banner Centre | Banner Size Guide